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random post [27 Mar 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

We'll never learn and nothing will ever change as long as we stay this course of followers and slaves. I can't believe we're still content reshuffling the same old decks of kings and queens and faux-democracies. I say we hand it back to the bullshit politicians. Brick by brick, wall by wall...

good job dubbyah the whole world hates you =/

btw: jessica gets amazing to me more every single day, the time we spend together is special. we get to go to san antonio in 2 months for 4 days with my family... I AM SOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!!!

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the po po suck ass [05 Mar 2003|09:58am]
[ mood | angry ]

well shit... my dream about getting hand cuffed and arrested i guess predicted what was going to happen today. the cop showed up so fuck him and not getting into an accident. i guess the only good thing that happened today was the ticket was cheaper than i thought it was going to be but still 128.00 is not very cheap when you dont have a job. maybe my parents wont be dicks now about where i drive since im so afraid of those white signs on the side of the freeways. so now i have roughly 25.00 on me and i get 20.00 tomorrow but its whatever. i am really looking forward to tomorrow when i get to cook for jessica again and hopefully she will like what im cooking. i cant wait till we can just sit back and have something nice to eat and just something i havent done in awhile relax. anyways i have a government test in about 2.5 hours so i better try to study for it it shouldnt be too bad i think but it is still a test so =(. till another time... i miss you jess =)

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god fuck midterms [03 Mar 2003|09:04pm]
man this next couple days should be hell in the school venue, a test tomorrow that i wrote 2 essays for tonight and then on weds i have court at 9 am for my last speeding ticket and hopefully final one for very long time only to be followed by a government test at 1230 in the afternoon. then i can relax for the most part because spring break is coming up because thursday im cooking mexican food for jessica but im not telling her what it is but it should be pretty damn good. i love spending time with her and we cant be anymore alike it is nice to have a girlfriend that is alot like you because you can do so many more things together. you dont have to put up with typical bullshit anymore and you can have fun just doing random stuff instead of always trying to impress them every second. im so used to paying for everything in a relationship and thats one of the only things we are opposite on it seems like because she is always used to paying things. im just a nice guy, some people say i am too nice but i just like paying for dates and i hate it when people pay for me to do things. i guess it is nice to get reciprocation every once in awhile but i still feel so guilty sometimes. anyways i cant say enough good things about jessica because there isnt enough time in a day and i really hope she likes what i make on thursday. as emeril would say the things im cooking are not rocket science. till another time... muah jess
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3 days till mardi FUCKING GRAS!!! [26 Feb 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

well instead of doing homework and studying for tests im just sitting around my house chilling with my girl jessica who is really special and playing pool. just waiting till saturday when im gonna be able to get pretty drunk and have alot of fun, and i am hoping to get alot of beads also so its all good. my choice of drank for the night will be some vodka mixed with sprite and rum mixed with coke so i will be pretty content. i didnt think i was going to be able to spend time with my girl today but she just showed up at my house and i was so excited to see her, it made me start glowing because im like that every time i see her. well she has to finish moving her stuff tomorrow from her apartment and i have to clean the house because my parents come back sometime on friday so i dont know if i will get to see her but hopefully i will get to talk to her tomorrow sometime. friday night will just prolly be a chill night maybe blockbuster i dunno because saturday we will be out and about till all hours of the night. i chose the song im listening to right now because it just is one of those songs that gets me pumped up so much and if you are a deftones fan or ever heard this song then you would understand where i am coming from on this. i cant wait to see my girl again till another time...

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yes another post [21 Feb 2003|12:21am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

wow, thats all i can say about jessica today i cant believe we are so much alike and let me tell you french kissing someone with a tounge ring is pretty damn nice. well i would type more but i have to be awake in 7 hours because im driving my mom to the airport because she is going to ohio for a week which means COREY will be home alone for a whole week so i think i would sacrifice waking up early when i dont have class to get rid of both parents for week. im so looking forward to later today or tomorrow depending on how you see it with jessica. till another time...

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i am the super mario kart racing KING! [20 Feb 2003|01:10pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well last night was so amazing words cant really described how i was feeling. jessica and i have now turned racing on super nintendo into a betting game, which i became victorious at last night. it started as a 5 minute back massage for the winner, she lost, then double or nothing, she lost, we are now at 10 minutes and she said double or nothing again so i obviously took the bet, well she lost, so 20 minute massage for corey =D. we played some other games for awhile shot some pool and came back to playing more super mario kart. but we raised the stakes on this matchup with her wearing a black skirt next time we went out or i would have to clean the outside and inside of her celica and tonight i was not losing so i took the bet again. well when it came down to the last race i didnt even have to finish racing because i was too far ahead. tomorrow she will be wearing a black skirt when we go out and i have no doubt she is gonna look hot in it. maybe she will wear them more often after tomorrow hopefully she does anyways. after putting me to sleep almost with the massage i gave her one because she spent 20 minutes on mine and then we watched some television before she left. i gave her a big hug before she left nice hugs btw =) and then i wanted to kiss her the whole night and i finally tried for one and i got a couple =) they were pretty nice. tomorrow is gonna be like a kid waiting for christmas because i get to see her in a skirt finally because she has an amazing body but doesnt show it off dunno why. anyways im getting goosebumps just thinking about her and tomorrow so till another time...

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only in texas... and this weekend [19 Feb 2003|12:48pm]
well shit it still is february and i already have a tan, only in texas can you get a tan from just walking around outside for 30 mins a day. the only reason i have one is because i have run 2 miles a day for like the last week or so and i still keep on doing it. i went with jessica last night to walk her dog and then we went to her house for a little but she said "your house is better" i kinda laughed and then we proceeded to go back to my house. we got out my super nintendo which i had not played in god knows how long and she proceeded to beat my ass into the ground in battle mode on super mario kart. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? lol anyways it was pretty fun because i won a couple other different games that we played. she still hasnt lost her touch yet playing pool which was pretty fun because she is slowly getting better. when we were playing super nintendo she propped her feet up on my side and right after one of the games ended i grabbed her feet and tickled her only to get tickled in my sides as response. and then later in the night we tried to see who could tickle each other the most and i think i ended up winning the battle cause i sat on her legs so she couldnt get away and then i got her sides and her feet. it almost seemed like she was going to pass out from laughing so much but i enjoyed it lol it was all in good fun. im looking really forward to this weekend with this special girl =)
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[17 Feb 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | anxious ]

well today was pretty fun because i got to hang out with jessica again. what is it about this girl that makes me so attracted to her, i think it is just being around her and feeling like there is nothing else there but her because i mean we can go back and forth talking to each other like we have known each other forever. she is basically the male me and i cant believe how much we are getting along. i cooked homemade chicken strips for her tonight i mean i dont even cook for my own family ever but i like cooking. i am so looking forward to taking her out on an actual date instead of just chilling at each others houses which should turn out to be a very nice evening. she told me her weakness for mens cologne is cool water and i have like 2 things of it because christmas and birthday gifts so ill be looking good and smelling nice when we go out. she hardly ever wears dresses but she looks amazing in them so we will work on the whole dress thing after this next weekend goes well =). man i feel like a little kid who has a crush in school, but this is something better than that. well ending on a good thought till another time...

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life is going good... [15 Feb 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

wow it has been a long time since the last time i put an entry into this thing, but things have happened in my life to make me happy. well besides staying in shape better by running 2 miles a day i met this girl named jessica who lives like half a mile from my house. you always try to find that person you have so much in common with and i think i found that person because we are both left handed, listen and enjoy the same music, both going to college, we like cats, we are both very sarcastic and this only starts the list. yesterday on valentine's day i invited her over to shoot some pool and we ended up playing pool for awhile then going to grab something to eat. we came back to my house afterwards and i introduced her to my parents and my sister and they all seemed to get along pretty well which was cool. my sister went out with her boyfriend and then my parents went out for valentine's day while we went to blockbuster to check out some new movies they had. we ended up renting the others and mib: 2 after checking for the movie that jessica wanted which was sweet home alabama. after proceeding to scare the shit out of jessica during the first movie which i waited for the right time for we watched gone in 60 seconds on the regular tv. she ended up leaving around midnight after i walked her to the car and then i went back to my room to watch some more tv crashing soon afterwards only to be woken up the next morning by country music blaring through the house. i finally decided to get out of bed and go for my daily run and when i got back home jessica messaged me a little bit later, so i went with her to walk her cocker spaniel which was cool with me because i got to spend more time with her and chill. after we walked her dog around the block we went over to her house and washed her celica so we could put some touch up paint on it. i wanted to soak her so bad with the water house but i knwo she would kill me and dump the bucket of soapy water on top of me so i decided to not do that, maybe next time though. her parents came home while we were working on her car and they were very nice to me which was cool, always good to have other people's parents treat you nice makes you feel welcome etc. i am trying to plan something for us to do next weekend like going to olive garden maybe because she loves italian food and that place is very nice in general to have dinner. after all this being said i am still kind of dumbfounded that two people can have so much in common and this is only after knowing them for 4 days. i know we will hang out more and hopefully something will come out of this because man i dont know what it about this girl but it is something special. till another time and being updated more often...

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this little quiz knows me well [05 Jan 2003|07:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Which Cold song are you?

You Are Confession ~ You've recently relizied someone that you loved so much...was a big mistake...and you based your life around them and regret it...and now you relize (s)he was only pain to you...
brought to you by Quizilla

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screw me ;[ [01 Jan 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well... i really dont know what to say to someone, but man screw me ;[ because that is all that has happened to me the past 1.5 months. screw life... till another time...

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happy new years =[ [01 Jan 2003|12:45am]
[ mood | blank ]

well... happy new years to everyone and i wish mine could have been better. i didnt get to spend it with kristen so my mood was pretty much blank all night, why do women have so much power over men sometimes? i have asked that question to myself many times in my relationship with kristen, but i can still say with all my heart that i love her to death. i just dont think she feels the same way about me anymore and for anyone to go through that is like getting stabbed with a survival knife and it being ripped back out. anyways i think im going to go have some vodka now because maybe that will make me forget about all the pain i have gone through.

i love you kristen, just wish i could have been there tonight for new years eve but im not important enough in your life anymore i guess. goodnight sweetheart i just hope yours was better than mine =( see you soon.

till another time...

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A song for the ages [31 Dec 2002|01:11am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I Miss You

To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn't think could be real. To know that you feel the same as I do is a three-fold, utopian dream. You do something to me that I can't explain. So would I be out of line if I said, I miss you.(?) I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine. You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away. I know I'll see you again whether far or soon. But I need you to know that I care and I miss you.

I miss you Kristen

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god fuck me =[ [28 Dec 2002|01:40am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

well i decided to reformat today and everything worked out fine until i tried installing aim again. my sn ford95man i tried logging back onto and low and behold passwords didnt match and then i proceeded to try every password i could think of that i have and none of them worked =(. maybe it will work tomorrow or something but anyways fuck me =(. and yes i am listening to teh same song for the second post because i miss my baby so much right now. till another time...

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i miss you [27 Dec 2002|12:57am]
the song i am listening to now, explains how i feel bout kristen. i miss you and love you baby. swak till another time...
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at the sound of the bell it is now 6:30 a.m. [25 Dec 2002|06:32am]
[ mood | awake ]

well... i currently am not able to go to sleep and i have now been up since noon on the 24th. i have to go wakeup the rest of my family in a little bit to open presents n such. after i take a hot shower and eat some breakfast my stepdad is making i will be wide awake again so i wont be able to go to sleep. later today i have to go to my dads house to spend christmas with the other half. i wish i could spend it with my girlfriend kristen but she does not want to spend christmas with me. what kind of shit is that... well till another time...

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what would jesus do? [24 Dec 2002|01:08am]
[ mood | amused ]

FORd95man (12:22:07 AM): what has el coacho said
MilesRWM (12:23:13 AM): You have 2 choices...
1. Repay the 84.00
2. If you don't repay...you are banned from Putt-Putt...
FORd95man (12:23:26 AM): i guess im banned
MilesRWM (12:23:51 AM): He wants a criminal tresspass issued...
FORd95man (12:23:53 AM): its funny that this happens to me and nobody else
FORd95man (12:23:59 AM): ?
MilesRWM (12:24:08 AM): No one else got caught
FORd95man (12:24:15 AM): it wont hurt me not to go back there
FORd95man (12:24:30 AM): so if he wants to put a restraining order on the complex thats ok by me
MilesRWM (12:24:41 AM): You were wrong in what you did, Corey...it's not unfair
FORd95man (12:24:51 AM): i didnt say it was right
FORd95man (12:25:00 AM): i never have
MilesRWM (12:25:16 AM): Don't be so angry then....
FORd95man (12:25:25 AM): im not angry lol
MilesRWM (12:25:41 AM): I guess it just sounds like it...
FORd95man (12:25:50 AM): but if he wants to ban me thats ok
MilesRWM (12:25:59 AM): You traded cards with Roy last nite?
FORd95man (12:26:02 AM): no
FORd95man (12:26:06 AM): i didnt trade anything
MilesRWM (12:26:18 AM): He arranged them for you right?
FORd95man (12:26:22 AM): i came up there to see if anythign was said yet
FORd95man (12:26:28 AM): yeah i asked him too
FORd95man (12:26:37 AM): *to
MilesRWM (12:26:50 AM): and gave him some cards?
FORd95man (12:27:11 AM): i gave him 2 i think i didnt want
FORd95man (12:27:15 AM): he didnt give me anything
MilesRWM (12:27:27 AM): All this doesn't really matter to me..I just have to work through it...
FORd95man (12:27:37 AM): understandable
MilesRWM (12:29:28 AM): one thing does upset me....last night I asked you a confidential and personal question about Roy...(only because I had to) and you sent the IM to him...I really thought I could trust...you let me down man
FORd95man (12:29:58 AM): yes, but its not right to accuse someone without investigating
FORd95man (12:30:09 AM): you shouldnt have to go through a middle man to figure it out
FORd95man (12:30:13 AM): look at the cameras
FORd95man (12:30:19 AM): and you would see he wasnt there all weekend
MilesRWM (12:30:22 AM): that's exactly what I was trying to do
MilesRWM (12:31:14 AM): I guess I just couldn't count on you....I thought we were tight...I'm not trying to get Roy into this...I'm trying to keep him out of it...
FORd95man (12:31:23 AM): yes i understand that
FORd95man (12:31:34 AM): but asking roy face to face would of worked better
FORd95man (12:31:46 AM): i hate it when people accuse me of stuff without asking me first
FORd95man (12:32:00 AM): and i felt bad for roy in a way for him getting accused
MilesRWM (12:32:20 AM): I don't think I accused anyone of anything...you've got it all wrong...
MilesRWM (12:32:31 AM): you read it wrong
MilesRWM (12:33:14 AM): you're defensive about a situation that you should be trying to get forgiveness...
FORd95man (12:33:30 AM): no im just saying my opinion
FORd95man (12:33:38 AM): if im getting defensive i didnt realize it
MilesRWM (12:35:21 AM): It sucks right now....you were wrong in what you did....just face up to it and stop making me look like a fool when all I'm trying to do is work things out....You almost caused Joey and Jeff to lose their jobs..
FORd95man (12:35:55 AM): what you dont see is, i havent denied what i was doing was wrong
FORd95man (12:35:59 AM): or what i did rather
MilesRWM (12:36:05 AM): All because you decided to steal 84.00 worth of cards
FORd95man (12:36:14 AM): there is a difference
FORd95man (12:36:19 AM): i did not "steal"
MilesRWM (12:36:23 AM): I don't see it
MilesRWM (12:36:40 AM): Tell me how you look at it
FORd95man (12:36:45 AM): stealing would be going behind the counter taking the cards and walking out
FORd95man (12:36:52 AM): i turned in tickets
FORd95man (12:36:55 AM): i got cards i left
FORd95man (12:37:08 AM): that is not stealing
MilesRWM (12:37:12 AM): so you stole the tickets and turned them in....and that's different?
FORd95man (12:37:31 AM): you cant steal stuff that was given to you
FORd95man (12:37:42 AM): anyways..
FORd95man (12:37:56 AM): so tell coach he can ban me from putt putt or whatever he wants to do
MilesRWM (12:38:02 AM): You need to take another look at the situation....dishonesty is everywhere with you
FORd95man (12:38:12 AM): i doubt that
FORd95man (12:38:35 AM): dishonesty is everywhere at putt putt
FORd95man (12:38:38 AM): and managers dont see that
FORd95man (12:38:51 AM): it has always been there
MilesRWM (12:39:41 AM): I'll tell him tommorrow...just please don't make me have to turn to Webster PD...he does not want you at Putt Putt again...for that I feel very sorry...I thought more of you than that...
FORd95man (12:39:54 AM): thats fine
FORd95man (12:39:57 AM): i wont come back
MilesRWM (12:40:03 AM): thanks
FORd95man (12:40:22 AM): but tim, dustin, mike c, brandon
FORd95man (12:40:27 AM): all have been fired
FORd95man (12:40:31 AM): still they come back
FORd95man (12:40:37 AM): almost humorous
FORd95man (12:40:57 AM): but i wont come back since every person hates me there
MilesRWM (12:41:09 AM): I didn't say that..
FORd95man (12:41:14 AM): i know
FORd95man (12:41:18 AM): it seems like it though
FORd95man (12:41:31 AM): im not saying you hate me
MilesRWM (12:41:36 AM): Why are you coming down on me
MilesRWM (12:41:40 AM): ?
FORd95man (12:41:42 AM): im not
MilesRWM (12:41:54 AM): I sure sounds like it
FORd95man (12:41:55 AM): chuck doesnt like me, wanda didnt
FORd95man (12:42:00 AM): coach didnt
FORd95man (12:42:04 AM): like me
MilesRWM (12:42:10 AM): Yes coach did
FORd95man (12:42:26 AM): well 2.5 years of rotation kinda kills a person after awhile
MilesRWM (12:43:14 AM): He's just extremely disappointed...after all it was his ex employee and his $84.00 that you are now enjoying
FORd95man (12:43:40 AM): i didnt get a raise in 8-9 months
FORd95man (12:43:46 AM): there supposed to be 6 months
FORd95man (12:43:52 AM): how does it make someone feel
FORd95man (12:43:56 AM): and i know bout you
MilesRWM (12:43:58 AM): You got 2 at one time...or did you forget?
FORd95man (12:44:07 AM): was that my fault?
MilesRWM (12:44:24 AM): no but...somehow you always forget it...
FORd95man (12:44:30 AM): i havent
MilesRWM (12:44:35 AM): he could have taken it back...
FORd95man (12:44:54 AM): yes he could of
MilesRWM (12:44:57 AM): he didn't think it would have been the right thing to do...
MilesRWM (12:45:14 AM): Personally , I think he should have....
FORd95man (12:45:26 AM): maybe he should
FORd95man (12:45:30 AM): but thats int he past
MilesRWM (12:45:46 AM): You should get the raises you deserve....and not more than you deserve...
FORd95man (12:45:59 AM): yes i agree
MilesRWM (12:46:09 AM): It's in the past but you keep bringing it up
FORd95man (12:46:18 AM): but you have deserved raises since 99
FORd95man (12:46:54 AM): coach is too worried about cutting corners instead having a happy workforce
MilesRWM (12:46:55 AM): and guess I'll take what I get or I can make a decision to leave...
FORd95man (12:47:31 AM): people who enjoy working there, it rubs off onto the customers and makes repeat business
FORd95man (12:48:01 AM): i know with construction it has been slow
MilesRWM (12:48:24 AM): There are some things that will never be settled...you just have to learn that life is not always fair and in your favor
FORd95man (12:48:32 AM): i know this
MilesRWM (12:48:52 AM): but it shouldn't turn to dishonesty...
FORd95man (12:49:15 AM): dishonesty in turnign in tickets?
MilesRWM (12:49:18 AM): that's not fair to anyone...
MilesRWM (12:49:33 AM): yes
FORd95man (12:49:50 AM): its not fair that im the only person getting scolded
FORd95man (12:50:06 AM): current and former employees dont get anythign
FORd95man (12:50:19 AM): like when tim and mike came up wiht that huge bag of tokens
FORd95man (12:50:22 AM): all brass
FORd95man (12:50:26 AM): coach didnt do anything
MilesRWM (12:50:34 AM): It has caused me a lot of grief....loss of confidence in you and almost 2 employees
FORd95man (12:50:37 AM): and they played tekken 4
FORd95man (12:50:49 AM): i know it has
FORd95man (12:51:20 AM): i know 2 wrongs dont make a right, but when you see the OWNER just look at them and walk away and do nothing
FORd95man (12:51:26 AM): how does one see that situation
MilesRWM (12:51:35 AM): Most of all....you should not have sent that IM to Roy...I thought I could trust you.
FORd95man (12:51:50 AM): especially since they were "fired" and your not supposed come back if your fired
FORd95man (12:52:03 AM): he would of heard about it sooner or later
MilesRWM (12:52:32 AM): that's not the point...I personally asked You in confidence...
FORd95man (12:52:46 AM): i know and i didnt give you that
FORd95man (12:52:49 AM): and i explained why
MilesRWM (12:53:09 AM): not an explanation that I can appreciate...
FORd95man (12:53:29 AM): i didnt say it needed to be appreciated
FORd95man (12:53:48 AM): but coach is in the business to make money
FORd95man (12:53:54 AM): and he has to do what he has to do
MilesRWM (12:54:06 AM): I
I've gone to bat for you many times...it really hurt me...
FORd95man (12:54:20 AM): how so?
MilesRWM (12:54:41 AM): You against Wanda....for one
FORd95man (12:54:57 AM): i thank you for that
MilesRWM (12:54:58 AM): I'm the one person that stood up for you .....
FORd95man (12:55:14 AM): but the woman was ognna do what she was gonna do
FORd95man (12:55:20 AM): regardless
MilesRWM (12:55:22 AM): I've always tried to do right by you
FORd95man (12:56:13 AM): yes i know
MilesRWM (12:56:15 AM): I feel you let me down...now I can't trust you...and I don't want it that way...
FORd95man (12:57:23 AM): i probably have but what i have done is in the past and i cant take it back
MilesRWM (12:58:11 AM): This has nothing to do with coach or work...just one on one...me and you...
FORd95man (12:58:21 AM): yes
FORd95man (1:00:07 AM): but when you go into work tomorrow tell coach what i said
MilesRWM (1:00:26 AM): What did you say?
FORd95man (1:00:30 AM): ban me
MilesRWM (1:00:41 AM): I will
FORd95man (1:01:09 AM): nobody would pay back 84.00
MilesRWM (1:05:11 AM): a person conscience was bothering him would... I would
FORd95man (1:05:48 AM): well.. you may not like this but its not bothering me
FORd95man (1:06:05 AM): otherwise if it bothered me i would of never done it in the first place
MilesRWM (1:06:22 AM): It's yours to live with...
FORd95man (1:06:38 AM): guess so

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conversation part deux [10 Dec 2002|09:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

pasty driver (9:04:45 PM): hey man
ManeulNoriega (9:04:50 PM): hola!
ManeulNoriega (9:05:00 PM): how america? bolivia is no good
ManeulNoriega (9:05:06 PM): i want usa bad
pasty driver (9:05:13 PM): como estas?
pasty driver (9:05:43 PM): well why don';t you swim over here like all the ilegals do
ManeulNoriega (9:05:55 PM): i cant swim
ManeulNoriega (9:06:01 PM): my madre never taught me
pasty driver (9:06:26 PM): sucks man
pasty driver (9:06:38 PM): tht's the easiest way to do ti
ManeulNoriega (9:07:19 PM): tru
ManeulNoriega (9:07:52 PM): who is billy
pasty driver (9:08:06 PM): so do you remember he person who gave you my SN
ManeulNoriega (9:08:07 PM): he just msged me and im from bolivia i have no idea who he is
pasty driver (9:08:18 PM): billy?
pasty driver (9:08:28 PM): i don;t know
ManeulNoriega (9:08:34 PM): billyperry20
pasty driver (9:08:35 PM): why would i knowman
ManeulNoriega (9:08:46 PM): i have no idea who this amigo is
pasty driver (9:08:56 PM): ok ... what do you want me to do?
pasty driver (9:09:01 PM): ok
pasty driver (9:09:09 PM): and i do?
ManeulNoriega (9:09:19 PM): i dont know
ManeulNoriega (9:09:33 PM): everyone seems to know everyone else in america
pasty driver (9:09:46 PM): lol
pasty driver (9:09:53 PM): i wish man
pasty driver (9:09:58 PM): it's a big place
ManeulNoriega (9:10:12 PM): yeah
ManeulNoriega (9:10:27 PM): btw i think a senora paige gave me your sn
pasty driver (9:10:38 PM): paige?
pasty driver (9:11:08 PM): how do you know her
pasty driver (9:11:20 PM): ?
ManeulNoriega (9:11:31 PM): she just gave me the sn
pasty driver (9:12:02 PM): i haven't talked to her in like 6 months
ManeulNoriega (9:12:06 PM): american chat room i try to make friend
pasty driver (9:12:15 PM): so how could she have my SN when it's three months old
pasty driver (9:12:19 PM): ?
ManeulNoriega (9:13:10 PM): uno momento
pasty driver (9:13:37 PM): why?
ManeulNoriega (9:14:14 PM): i had to use el bano
ManeulNoriega (9:14:16 PM): =(
pasty driver (9:14:33 PM): ok
pasty driver (9:14:33 PM): tiiight>
pasty driver (9:15:58 PM): so do you think paige is cool?
pasty driver (9:15:58 PM): a good hot girl?
pasty driver (9:16:07 PM): do you know her last name?
pasty driver (9:16:24 PM): cause i know a lot of paiges
ManeulNoriega (9:16:45 PM): the senora just said name first
ManeulNoriega (9:16:52 PM): no segundo
pasty driver (9:17:07 PM): what?
pasty driver (9:17:13 PM): name first?
pasty driver (9:17:18 PM): like first name?
ManeulNoriega (9:17:22 PM): si
pasty driver (9:17:24 PM): well then what's her screen name?
ManeulNoriega (9:17:59 PM): i met senora in chat room on your american Yahoo!
ManeulNoriega (9:18:11 PM): but she shared el senor pasty driver
ManeulNoriega (9:18:14 PM): tu
pasty driver (9:18:32 PM): shared?
pasty driver (9:18:49 PM): what the hell oes that mean
ManeulNoriega (9:18:58 PM): shared your sn for this aim thing
pasty driver (9:20:03 PM): well any paige i know doesn't have my SN cause we don't like each other ... if it's the paigei'm thinking aobut
ManeulNoriega (9:20:28 PM): sorry amigo she would not share segundo name
pasty driver (9:20:39 PM): ok?
pasty driver (9:20:43 PM): whatever man
ManeulNoriega (9:20:54 PM): what wrong amigo
pasty driver (9:21:03 PM): what do you mean?
pasty driver (9:22:09 PM): hey do you know what this paige looks like?
ManeulNoriega (9:23:44 PM): no just room of chat
pasty driver (9:23:54 PM): oh well
pasty driver (9:24:17 PM): cause the paige i know makes me shudder at the very sight of her back side in horror
pasty driver (9:24:51 PM): hello?
pasty driver (9:24:54 PM): you there>?
ManeulNoriega (9:26:16 PM): this billy senor is buggin me
pasty driver (9:26:33 PM): oh yeah
ManeulNoriega (9:27:42 PM): ¡Usted no tiene la menor idea que el infierno esto es tan por favor la parada hablando a mí!
ManeulNoriega (9:27:50 PM): i just speak to him and he left
pasty driver (9:27:51 PM): huh?
pasty driver (9:28:07 PM): do you know someone named Sam?
ManeulNoriega (9:29:10 PM): que
ManeulNoriega (9:29:16 PM): no senor
pasty driver (9:29:21 PM): ok
pasty driver (9:29:23 PM): just checking
ManeulNoriega (9:29:28 PM): por que?
pasty driver (9:29:34 PM): what kind of cars do you like
ManeulNoriega (9:30:33 PM): Miro la televisión americana a veces y yo aprecio Ford y coches de nissan y los camiones, pero ellos se pusieron tiene cualquiera de esos aquí mucho.
ManeulNoriega (9:30:43 PM): ford and nissan
pasty driver (9:30:51 PM): ok
ManeulNoriega (9:30:52 PM): i watch tv american
pasty driver (9:30:54 PM): ford what?
ManeulNoriega (9:31:19 PM): i see something called mustang
ManeulNoriega (9:31:22 PM): a lot
ManeulNoriega (9:31:41 PM): faster then any care in bolivia
pasty driver (9:31:47 PM): cool
pasty driver (9:31:52 PM): mustangs suck man
ManeulNoriega (9:31:58 PM): que?
pasty driver (9:32:02 PM): they do
ManeulNoriega (9:32:06 PM): really.. what do americans like
pasty driver (9:32:10 PM): my car could beat a mustang gt
ManeulNoriega (9:32:29 PM): por que?
pasty driver (9:32:35 PM): it can
ManeulNoriega (9:32:40 PM): how?
pasty driver (9:32:53 PM): cause my car puts out more HP to the wheels than a mustang gt does
pasty driver (9:33:06 PM): plus i can shift a lot harder than they do
pasty driver (9:33:22 PM): and my car's top speed is like 10 mph over the gt's
ManeulNoriega (9:33:37 PM): ah
pasty driver (9:33:45 PM): eyah
pasty driver (9:34:08 PM): guess what kind of car i have
pasty driver (9:34:12 PM): ?
ManeulNoriega (9:34:47 PM): nissan? cause i look buddy profile
pasty driver (9:34:53 PM): ok
pasty driver (9:34:58 PM): good answer
ManeulNoriega (9:35:04 PM): what is that car
pasty driver (9:35:11 PM): do i have more HP than a mustang GT
pasty driver (9:35:14 PM): ?
ManeulNoriega (9:36:02 PM): yo me puse sabe
pasty driver (9:36:06 PM): what?
ManeulNoriega (9:36:10 PM): i dont know
ManeulNoriega (9:36:16 PM): i look at tv
pasty driver (9:36:19 PM): ok
ManeulNoriega (9:36:19 PM): cars on it
pasty driver (9:36:23 PM): well it doesn't
ManeulNoriega (9:36:46 PM): por que?
pasty driver (9:36:55 PM): cause it just doesn't
pasty driver (9:36:58 PM): smaller engine
ManeulNoriega (9:37:03 PM): i see
pasty driver (9:37:07 PM): do you?
ManeulNoriega (9:37:42 PM): you explain stuff i listen
pasty driver (9:37:47 PM): ok
pasty driver (9:38:00 PM): some people say that i don't know what i'm talking about
pasty driver (9:38:07 PM): i think i do
pasty driver (9:38:13 PM): i mean i do research and stuff
ManeulNoriega (9:38:15 PM): you sound like american who does
pasty driver (9:38:21 PM): oh ok
pasty driver (9:38:30 PM): makes me feel better ... i guess
pasty driver (9:38:30 PM): lol
ManeulNoriega (9:38:39 PM): haha
pasty driver (9:39:47 PM): well hey i'm going to go
pasty driver (9:39:48 PM): so ttyl
ManeulNoriega (9:39:58 PM): adios senor pastydriver
pasty driver (9:40:20 PM): aight lata balla

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BWHAHAHAAHAHHAH [10 Dec 2002|12:07am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This is what happens when i get bored late at night i end up messing with my friends on AIM ENJOY

ManeulNoriega (11:34:23 PM): hola!
pasty driver (11:34:31 PM): hey?
ManeulNoriega (11:34:41 PM): you american?
pasty driver (11:34:49 PM): yeah ... you?
ManeulNoriega (11:35:13 PM): no no im bolivia can you help bolivia
pasty driver (11:35:36 PM): ??
ManeulNoriega (11:35:37 PM): i have problem in united states
pasty driver (11:35:42 PM): oh yeah?
pasty driver (11:35:44 PM): what kind
ManeulNoriega (11:35:58 PM): i need tips on how to speak to your american bitches
pasty driver (11:36:26 PM): hahahahaha
pasty driver (11:36:28 PM): like what
ManeulNoriega (11:36:37 PM): i like your american ladies boobs but no ladies seem to like me from bolivia
ManeulNoriega (11:37:08 PM): what do american women like?
pasty driver (11:37:26 PM): penis
pasty driver (11:37:31 PM): lie a huge one
pasty driver (11:37:33 PM): and money
ManeulNoriega (11:37:35 PM): do they like muff diving or eatin out as your americans would say
pasty driver (11:37:35 PM): and tight cars
pasty driver (11:37:44 PM): washing the car?
pasty driver (11:37:51 PM): and waxing it too?
ManeulNoriega (11:38:01 PM): i learned that from american movie i saw in bolivia
pasty driver (11:38:12 PM): oh yeah
pasty driver (11:38:14 PM): tight man
pasty driver (11:38:18 PM): so you're a king at it?
ManeulNoriega (11:38:32 PM): no i thought you could help
ManeulNoriega (11:38:44 PM): one of my bolivian friends gave me your SN as you call it
pasty driver (11:38:50 PM): who?
ManeulNoriega (11:39:13 PM): i dont have very good memory
ManeulNoriega (11:39:20 PM): so i forget how to treat american women
pasty driver (11:39:30 PM): ok
ManeulNoriega (11:39:34 PM): so
pasty driver (11:39:42 PM): well if you could ... tell me who this friend is
pasty driver (11:39:46 PM): i mean i'm curious
ManeulNoriega (11:39:51 PM): how big is acceptable for american women
pasty driver (11:40:05 PM): like penis?
ManeulNoriega (11:40:05 PM): i will try to contact them in bolivia
pasty driver (11:40:08 PM): ok
ManeulNoriega (11:40:23 PM): si
pasty driver (11:40:27 PM): hmmm
pasty driver (11:40:42 PM): maybe 6 inches or bigger
pasty driver (11:40:49 PM): don;t know
pasty driver (11:40:55 PM): i mean sometimes they'll accept anything
ManeulNoriega (11:40:58 PM): que?
ManeulNoriega (11:41:01 PM): ah
ManeulNoriega (11:41:03 PM): si si
pasty driver (11:41:09 PM): yeah
pasty driver (11:41:11 PM): hey
pasty driver (11:41:16 PM): why me?
ManeulNoriega (11:41:17 PM): si?
ManeulNoriega (11:41:25 PM): no comprende
pasty driver (11:41:52 PM): why am i the one to give you advice
pasty driver (11:42:00 PM): what id your friend tell you about me?
pasty driver (11:42:05 PM): did*
ManeulNoriega (11:42:30 PM): my friend gave me your sn it is the only one they had memorized right den
pasty driver (11:42:46 PM): ok?
pasty driver (11:42:48 PM): riiight
ManeulNoriega (11:42:49 PM): how do american women like sex as you call it
ManeulNoriega (11:43:16 PM): in my country we get females full of tequila and then muff dive on them
pasty driver (11:43:56 PM): ok? ... so yall don't have intercourse?
ManeulNoriega (11:44:38 PM): no comprende - you mean inserserting male organ into women
pasty driver (11:44:53 PM): are you retarded?
ManeulNoriega (11:44:55 PM): we do that
pasty driver (11:44:58 PM): like mentally
ManeulNoriega (11:45:11 PM): well.. i dont think so, we do things differnt in bolivia
pasty driver (11:45:35 PM): ok
ManeulNoriega (11:46:10 PM): so you been with american girls?
pasty driver (11:46:17 PM): nope ... no sex
pasty driver (11:46:20 PM): still a vergin
ManeulNoriega (11:46:22 PM): por que?
pasty driver (11:46:40 PM): just haven't found the right girl
pasty driver (11:46:42 PM): you know
ManeulNoriega (11:46:49 PM): ah
pasty driver (11:46:53 PM): i'm very spitritual about it
ManeulNoriega (11:47:02 PM): really? you shy or no?
ManeulNoriega (11:47:19 PM): in bolivia children normally have sex whenever
pasty driver (11:47:28 PM): no ... i just haven't found the girl that's right for me
ManeulNoriega (11:47:29 PM): seems funny
pasty driver (11:47:33 PM): yeah
pasty driver (11:47:34 PM): i guess
ManeulNoriega (11:47:37 PM): to wait
ManeulNoriega (11:47:42 PM): but different customs i guess
pasty driver (11:47:49 PM): i mean i'm the nice guy compared to a lot of people i know
pasty driver (11:47:52 PM): yeah
ManeulNoriega (11:48:09 PM): some american people are shitheads
ManeulNoriega (11:48:20 PM): i learned shitheads from another american friend i met
ManeulNoriega (11:48:34 PM): what does that mean exactly?
pasty driver (11:48:55 PM): lol
pasty driver (11:49:04 PM): a really rude person that walks all over you
pasty driver (11:49:06 PM): i guesss
pasty driver (11:49:16 PM): i mean there can be many different versions
pasty driver (11:49:22 PM): depends on the person
ManeulNoriega (11:49:23 PM): wouldnt their feet hurt after walking so much
ManeulNoriega (11:49:25 PM): ?
pasty driver (11:49:31 PM): lol
pasty driver (11:49:33 PM): not like that
pasty driver (11:49:53 PM): i mean like they are rude and just arn't nice to people
pasty driver (11:49:54 PM): like that
ManeulNoriega (11:50:04 PM): ah i see
ManeulNoriega (11:50:19 PM): tell me
ManeulNoriega (11:50:24 PM): what is america like
pasty driver (11:50:24 PM): ok
pasty driver (11:50:59 PM): like what part?
ManeulNoriega (11:51:16 PM): just america
ManeulNoriega (11:51:19 PM): it is so big
pasty driver (11:51:54 PM): well there is like tons of different types of terrain here
ManeulNoriega (11:51:56 PM): my american friend told me women like it in the pooper
pasty driver (11:52:06 PM): i mean like mountains and hills and vallys and everything
ManeulNoriega (11:52:09 PM): wow
ManeulNoriega (11:52:13 PM): we have that in bolivia
pasty driver (11:52:13 PM): i've never been out of Texas
pasty driver (11:52:18 PM): so i really don't know
ManeulNoriega (11:52:25 PM): texas nice place?
pasty driver (11:53:13 PM): eyah
pasty driver (11:53:18 PM): i mean it's hot and hummid
pasty driver (11:53:21 PM): but it's nice
ManeulNoriega (11:53:24 PM): why dont you explore to bolivia?
ManeulNoriega (11:53:29 PM): my country is nice place
pasty driver (11:54:01 PM): maybe i will
pasty driver (11:54:11 PM): any good looking girls up there
ManeulNoriega (11:54:48 PM): women are a little less than 2 meters
pasty driver (11:54:53 PM): well you sure do speak english really well to have lived in bolivia all the time
pasty driver (11:55:07 PM): 2 meters like height ?
ManeulNoriega (11:55:11 PM): and decent chest area as americans call it
pasty driver (11:55:16 PM): lol
pasty driver (11:55:17 PM): yeah
pasty driver (11:55:19 PM): i guess
ManeulNoriega (11:55:29 PM): yes so in stanard it is like 5'6" i think
pasty driver (11:55:36 PM): i bet they don't have great girls
ManeulNoriega (11:55:36 PM): i have trouble converting
pasty driver (11:55:42 PM): it's good
ManeulNoriega (11:55:45 PM): que? bolivia?
pasty driver (11:55:47 PM): yeah
pasty driver (11:55:58 PM): i mean texas has some of the best looking girls out ther
pasty driver (11:56:07 PM): like there's this one i know
ManeulNoriega (11:56:09 PM): our women are exotic, nothing to corrupt them
pasty driver (11:56:12 PM): awesome girl
ManeulNoriega (11:56:17 PM): who is the amercian
pasty driver (11:56:23 PM): her name's Katie
pasty driver (11:56:28 PM): and i met her this year
ManeulNoriega (11:56:33 PM): my english friend taught me well
ManeulNoriega (11:56:41 PM): i take lessons everyday from him
pasty driver (11:56:43 PM): ok
pasty driver (11:56:44 PM): cool
pasty driver (11:57:16 PM): i miss her though
ManeulNoriega (11:57:23 PM): who is this senora katie?
pasty driver (11:58:27 PM): well she's the most beautiful, sweet, funniest, smartest, wittiest, girl i know
ManeulNoriega (11:58:50 PM): que?
ManeulNoriega (11:58:59 PM): i dont know some of those words
ManeulNoriega (11:59:10 PM): let me write them down so i can ask my american friend
pasty driver (11:59:14 PM): ok
ManeulNoriega (11:59:59 PM): ok im done
ManeulNoriega (12:00:11 AM): i dont write english very well yet
pasty driver (12:00:35 AM): it's cool
pasty driver (12:00:37 AM): ok
ManeulNoriega (12:00:49 AM): my friend is teaching me to write it when i come to your great united states
pasty driver (12:01:40 AM): cool
pasty driver (12:01:45 AM): when are you coming
pasty driver (12:01:48 AM): to write
pasty driver (12:01:55 AM): this is the same thing as writing?
pasty driver (12:02:03 AM): so i think you know it good enough
ManeulNoriega (12:02:12 AM): my friend sent me keyboard in american
ManeulNoriega (12:02:20 AM): i only had one in spanish before
pasty driver (12:02:49 AM): ok
ManeulNoriega (12:03:04 AM): what do you do in american
pasty driver (12:03:05 AM): so do you have agirlfriend
pasty driver (12:03:10 AM): everything
pasty driver (12:03:14 AM): like i go to college
pasty driver (12:03:20 AM): texas A&M university
ManeulNoriega (12:03:27 AM): i am coming to the united states looking for women to get me visa
pasty driver (12:03:34 AM): loll
pasty driver (12:03:38 AM): like marry them>
pasty driver (12:03:39 AM): ?
ManeulNoriega (12:03:50 AM): anything to get me visa
pasty driver (12:04:10 AM): i guess
pasty driver (12:04:16 AM): you can get a vise from a job
pasty driver (12:04:21 AM): visa*
ManeulNoriega (12:04:24 AM): really?
ManeulNoriega (12:04:30 AM): but how?
ManeulNoriega (12:04:39 AM): no comprende
pasty driver (12:04:41 AM): not suer
pasty driver (12:04:46 AM): i mean i don't have to worry about it
pasty driver (12:04:51 AM): so can't help you there
ManeulNoriega (12:05:05 AM): but can you still help me find women in united states?
pasty driver (12:05:22 AM): i don't know
pasty driver (12:05:30 AM): i'm having trouble getting my own
pasty driver (12:05:32 AM): lol
ManeulNoriega (12:05:34 AM): senor pasty driver i must get going, i still have to plan some stuff for trip
pasty driver (12:05:40 AM): ok
ManeulNoriega (12:05:48 AM): i have to figure out how im snekaing into your united states
pasty driver (12:05:48 AM): when are you coming to america
pasty driver (12:05:51 AM): lol
pasty driver (12:05:53 AM): riiiiight
pasty driver (12:05:55 AM): whatever man
ManeulNoriega (12:06:00 AM): adios

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women you either hate them or you love them... [09 Dec 2002|07:41pm]
[ mood | blank ]

well i have not heard from kristen in almost a week and i really dont fucking know what to think anymore, i just wish i could talk to my baby because i miss her a lot. i just hope i am not getting fucked around even though it feels like i am, i trust her but when she does not talk to me for almost a week i begin to question the trust and that pisses me off. well... maybe she will take time out of her fucking day to call me or something, but she is probably too busy for that right now, i mean your always too busy to talk to your BOYFRIEND well till another time...

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